A Mage & His Cat

for great justice! (a cosplay blog)

  1. joel answered: Very nice cosplay it’s right on point.
  2. kristoph666 answered: it’s a good name! also your resemblance to anders is uncanny! are you a fan of the DA series or did someone point out the resemblance to you?
  3. ltleflrt answered: I like the one you have! Great cos-play btw :)
  4. prince-viper answered: I think it’s fantastic!
  5. lodgewitch answered: I actually quite like the name, lol and your cosplay is freakin’ awesome!
  6. stormdragon answered: It’s fine but do you have a cat?
  7. lyriumhappytrail answered: Hahaha, I think it’s cute! Keep iiiiiiiiiiiit! Also sir, your Anders is amazing and just. Stop.
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